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A crystal that vibrates and resonates with 2.4ghz and low frequencies that mimics radiation from the sun. Produced inside a nuclear fungus (radiotrophic) that produces carbon nanotubes to attenuate frequencies and guide it's spores into hyphae by protein into your neurons by the lymphatic system so that it can continuously reproduce cryptonite in the brain.

It demands to be fueled by carbon sources like alcohol and can mind control.

The fungus is called cryptococcus. Hence crypto-nite.
"Dear God I lost all my powers and am too weak. I must have been poisoned by Cryptonite!"
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by El Kal El February 02, 2019
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Can refer to either of two similarly-"weighty" definitions:
(1) Any complicated/intricate strategy --- such as using disappearing ink, light-sensitive/chemically-treated "disintegrating" paper that quickly becomes illegible, the addition/insertion of one or more confusing/misleading codes, etc --- that heavily "drags down" anyone's attempts to read/decipher an encryption.
(2) The amalgam of minerals used to make a special stone vault for human-burial purposes.
Our founding fathers surely doled out huge healthy doses of cryptonite in their efforts to prevent thieves from locating/accessing their "national treasure"; fortunately Benjamin Gates and his intrepid colleagues managed to de-code everything in time to prevent said treasure from falling into the wrong hands.
by QuacksO November 18, 2018
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Substance postulated by scientists to describe a new quality of altcoin prices plummeting, since lead proved to be an insufficient analogy.
Yesterday my pockets were full of digital cash. Over night it all turned to cryptonite. Better go for some crypternating.
by celebrity_chef June 05, 2018
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