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One of four main characters in the fan series RSPK; an ice-elemental with extremely strong psychic powers and a mental link to Matthew, the game's protagonist. He's withdrawn and extremely quiet, and as his name implies, very cold. Cryogen has been likened to Squall by some, though he doesn't act like a jerk to keep people away; he simply avoids them. Deep down, though, he is very lonely and wishes more than anything to have a girlfriend he can feel safe with.

Sylvane, his only friend, eventually thaws his frozen heart...but not before he pulls a stunt which comes close to permanently disrupting the climate of Laranda (their home planet). In a fit of despair and self-hatred, he tries to encase himself permanently in ice, inadvertently creating a huge polar ice cap (which Laranda is not supposed to have). Even Pyra's powerful fire magic can't get through the barrier, but Sylvane's telepathy allows her to enter his mind in a sort of virtual-reality sense. She manages to bring him out of his frozen shell (both literally and metaphorically), and while he'll always be a loner, she'll make sure he's not alone anymore...
Cryogen got very lucky...if it weren't for Sylvane he'd still be frozen in his own icy prison.
by Cryogen Glacien November 24, 2003
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