A regular customer at your workplace who you find attractive or take a liking to. Usually associated in a customer service environment like a coffee shop.
"Here comes Britney again to order her usual. What do I say to get her attention?"

"Ask for her number!"

"Man I'm too nervous. I have a total crushtomer."
by RaeganMT December 18, 2008
a customer at your job that you have a crush on.

(term born at barnes & noble staten island.)
my crushtomer came in today, and i panicked and ran into the break room.
by katiecupcakes January 28, 2009
\crush-tuh-mer\ noun
A frequent customer of your business, who you have a crush on. This customer is typically seen every few weeks, is very attractive, and socially approachable.

Crushtomer” originated from Jay, describing the high amount of attractive and sweet-natured customers who frequently visited the café he worked in during college. This term was quickly adopted by Justin (then known as Burns) in San Francisco, CA.
This crushtomer came into my work the other day, and after chatting for a while, we ended up going out that weekend!
by Matias (02) May 24, 2011
The crushtomer is a customer whom you have a crush on. This person usually doesn't start out as a real life crush, they'll come into your work a couple of times and eventually you develop a soft spot for them. A crushtomer may never become an actual crush, though they occasionally do. A crushtomer doesn't necessarily have to match with your sexual orientation (if you are a straight female, you may have a few girl crushtomers), and you often have more crushtomers than you would real life crushes.
"Did you see that boy who got the eight ounce americano just now? He is totally my crushtomer!"

"Really? His friend who bought the currant scone has always been my number one crushtomer."
by babbybarista May 1, 2010