When you're crunk and cranky.
I'm so mad drunk I'm feeling crunky!
by Beastmodejr.PL February 24, 2018
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Candy bar from Japan, manufactured by Lotte, Inc.

consists of chocolate with bits of almond and crispies. A smooth and reasonably good quality chocolate with a fudge-like texture. Also referred to as "Crunky Walking Bar", whatever that means.
At the Oriental Cultural Center in Tempe you can buy all sorts of weird Japanese cany like Ramune Candy, Pocky, Bean Curd Balls, and Crunky.
by shovell July 20, 2006
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An unexplainable expression somewhere between annoying and cool.
Guy1: Hey look at this extra delectable lettuce
Guy2: Bro that's so crunky
by Slost November 26, 2021
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I was "Crunky" after I had been jumping on the bed.
by Brooklyn Jean July 13, 2008
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A derivative of Crunk, which generally means "very drunk." A Crunkie is someone, usually an underage girl, who is very drunk.
Hey Jerome, let's go to that bar up 23rd street. Nah, just a bunch of crunkies there drinking on fake IDs. Yeah, like I said, let's go to that bar up 23rd street.
by JeromeT May 18, 2005
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verb - to be drunk at work.

I discovered while intoxicated at work and trying to spell drunk
I'm crunki
You're crunki
Everybody's crunki
by Jeff May 28, 2004
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