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When a woman yellsCAW! CAW!” Repeatedly at a man’s penis until he reaches ejaculation.
Aye girl, why don’t you come on over here, gimme a crowjob. Caw on my knob 😉
by Heabanginpoop March 07, 2019
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When a white guy gets a blow job from a black girl.
6 Marines taunting the 1 Marine that decided to stay on base:
"We all got crowjobs from Shante last night behind the tavern"
by heyfever May 02, 2008
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When you beat up someone with a crowbar. Particularly in their mouth.
"Yo Marcos did you give that guy a crowjob last night?" "Yea Wayne, I beat the s*** out of that guy!"
by littlemagpie December 17, 2011
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