Someone who immediatelly tell everybody that he is a crossfitter.
An atheist, a vegan, and a crossfitter walk into a bar.
I only know because they told everyone within two minutes.
by dildo777 November 25, 2016
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A person who likes to be average at everything, and good at nothing. A person who exercises often, so that they can get better at exercise. Someone who puts in many hours of effort, without understanding the difference between training and exercise.

Important facets of a crossfitter are: self-righteousness (they think they invented barbell training, HIIT and circuit training), conformity (oh, we have to get the £90 reebok trainers and wear pull-up socks? Mkay) and delusion (oh, your warmup is my workout? Really? Do you even lift?).

Most importantly a crossfitter is unable to tell the difference between criticism aimed at an over bloated organisation that promotes under-trained 'coaches' teaching people to complete complex olympic lifts, whilst fatigued, as fast as possible, and themselves.
Guy 1: 'Where the fuck has Dave been? I've not seen him in ages. All I see on facebook is posts about WADS or something, and he hangs around with these douche looking people with tribal tattoos who seem unable to keep their shirts on'

Guy 2: 'Oh, hes a crossfitter now. He should be back in about 9 months to a year.. Or however long it takes him to tear his rotator cuff then realise crossfit is a massive cult and he has the strength of a 11 year old girl'
by DoYouEvenLiftXfitters January 19, 2014
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A person that workouts alot and has no time to argue with the haters about crossfit
Crossfitters are fucking strong man\
Dude that Crossfit is ripped
by CrossFit Is Good November 3, 2016
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A person who does CrossFit and is in great physical shape. Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements = CrossFit. A CrossFitter actually can't wait to get his/her WOD on. (workout of the day)
Girl: why are you so excited about going to exercise my step class is so boring!

CrossFitter I love to go workout! It's something new and different everyday!!
by Grove Girl June 17, 2011
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