When you high as shit but shit faced drunk at the same time
I took 7 bong rips and 5 shots I was cross faded as fuck
by Little boy Johnny June 13, 2016
Drunk and high at the same time. Preferably equals parts.
Im so High and drunk. Im cross faded.
by irie stylee April 20, 2017
bro i drank 4 tequila shots and smoked 2 blunts at the party last night. i was cross faded as fuck
by tyrone456 August 3, 2019
Stoned and drunk at the same time.

Marijuana + Alcohol.
Pete was so cross-faded last night he fell asleep on top of his girlfriend during sex.
by Clouds07 July 26, 2013
To be drunk and high. This is the prefered method of getting faded for many.
I had five beers before lighting up a blunt then 4 more shots of Southern Comfort. I was hella cross faded.
by bendersd September 24, 2005
To be drunk and high at the same time.
Example - I'm feeling Cross Faded meaning,

I'm feeling drunk and high, so high, so high
by Quiz ko pyaar karu June 11, 2018