1. A word founded by the Turallo and Dela Roca family meaning cool, interesting, hesh, and anything random

2. A term used on XBOX Live or PSP or anything owned by Kevin Dela Roca used in a way in order to ruin people's gameplay

3. A word used by a group of kids from Bakersfield in order to use instances of insanity to not actually become insane.

4. Used in terms of gaming.

Also see: hesh lolie burgerleelee
Stop being a crombie, you're ruining my gameplay.
by Kevin Dela Roca January 03, 2009
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1.A word used to describe anything hesh,crazy,cool or interesting.

2.Usually said with a deep or chopped up voice so people don't know its you or just to make it sound weird.

3.True meaning is lowlie which means Burger lee lee.

4.Said to people on xbox live to piss them off and ruin their gameplay.
"Dude, i saw him and i was just like, CROMBIE!!!"


by Jonathon Brad January 02, 2009
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A 3/4 length overcoat (usually wool). Named after the company of the same name. British Slang.
A Crombie is a coat that goes past the knees.
by TheClashRocker December 22, 2006
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Crombie is the Montreal equivalent to the American's version of vagina (pussy) and the Brit's (snatch). Slang for female genitalia, crombie owes its origins in part to a powerful McGill off-campus group of students. Their following has been widespread and provoked numerous contained rallies. Chants that have been used include but have not been limited to "Ate her Crombie then we ditched," and "Wipe that splooge off your face".
Her crombie was ZERO tight.
by Models and Bottles December 14, 2009
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A crazy rocket zombie. they bite you in the wrist. the only thing that can stop them is jorts
dude my jorts just destroyed that crombie
by sam nance September 02, 2009
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