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When your room mate turns off your slow cooker.
Oh my god, last night I was totally cooking some outrageous chili and my room mate totally crock blocked me.
by octolovins August 21, 2009
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(n) Refusal of contact with an individual based solely on the fact that they are wearing Crocks (tm).
Check out that guy's shoes! What a total crockblock.

She was really cool until she crockblocked me with those shoes.
by Randy&Penni July 01, 2013
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Given the option, when your significant other prefers a family member's company to spending time with you (typically holiday or other family time).

The crock pot serves as reference to all things domestic, familial, and unsexy that occur which challenge your romance with your significant other.

NOTICE: Sexiness/utility of crockpot in actual reference may strengthen, weaken, or otherwise alter the effect of this joke, i.e. an old curbside filth-ring layered crockpot may breed disgust and contempt for your significant other's choice, while a sleek top of the line ionic self materializing crockpot may cause your P1 to either

(a) fail to sympathize with your crockblocked status OR (b) hang up the phone to go buy a comparable crockpot.
P1: " You're free tonight? I thought you flew down with Francis?!"
YOU: " I did, but Mama Dukes said Francis could the learn the family gumbo recipe, so I'm free."
P1: " Your old lady leads the parish in Crockblocking, but that IS some good gumbo."
by enzo@estoy June 22, 2012
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Describes a situation where a person or group unreasonably or in bad faith prevents another person or group from obtaining something that they want, more out of spite than anything else. Because the rationale of the blocking party is often petty or personal the term 'crock' is used.

A variation on 'cock-block', although it can be used in more situations and being PG-13 in nature as well as humorous is also suitable for work or most social situations.
'Boston College cannot crock-block UConn out of the ACC forever. UConn has too much to offer.'

'Peter Marshall was ambivalent about taking the hosting gig for Hollywood Squares in 1966 but he did it as much to crock-block Dan Rowan (whom he loathed) as anything else.'

'Pierce Brosnan was offered the role of James Bond in the 80s but the producers of Remington Steele crock-blocked him.'
by Ten Forward January 12, 2017
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To keep on hand pamphlets from the varying fringe religions so when they come to the door you can counter them.
There were Jehovah's Witnesses at the door, so I crock blocked them with the Book of Mormon.
by Andizzle4Life August 18, 2005
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a person who prevents others from purchasing the horrific popular crock shoes
i totally crock blocked katie from buying pink crocks today!

everyone says a cock block is bad, and i say a crock block is good!
by harrowmingming May 26, 2009
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The "crock-block" or "Crocket Curse" is a term used to describe horrific travel issues that fencing referees endure such as hours-long flight delays, flight cancellations, missed connections, or lost luggage.

It was lovingly named after referee Daniel Crocket who experiences more horrific travel issues than any other referee. Referees sharing flights with Crockett are often terrified that they will not make it to the tournament.
I was on my way to Summer Nationals and every flight I could take was canceled. I've been crock-blocked.
by Philosoraptor11 July 10, 2017
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