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An obsessive addiction to the act of crocheting, often exhibited by middle aged women.It is considered to be as addictive as amphetamines such as cocaine. These people can often be found googling yarn stores, crocheting patterns,hiding the amount of their crocheting behavior, and crocheting quietly in a little corner. In addition they hoard and hide their "stash" of yarn. Related to the disorder known as yarnaholic.
Diana: Why was mom late picking me up today?
Dad: Why do you think? It's the crocaine. She had to get a couple of lines in.
Diana: One day she's going to crochet herself into a cocoon.
Dad: We can only hope.
by Nikki87 April 04, 2009
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Croquette, while all players are high on cocaine.
Let's all zoot a line or two and then play some crocaine!
by Derek Wizzle March 18, 2008
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A commonly used term in the South Australian gaming community which is used to refer to a socially incoherent virgin/freak/paedofile, who does not leave the basement of the family home, living and manifesting in their own semenal produce, with the inent of having anybody who comes onto a server and uses profane language banned.
"man, I got banned from node servers for calling that crocaine a faggot"
by Big Homey January 20, 2006
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