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Knock off versions of the painfully ubiquitous those terribly ugly and oddly trendy shoes Crocs.
Ashley: That guy would be so cute if only he wasn't wearing Crocs.

Lisa: EWWWW those aren't even real Crocs, they're croc offs.
by Sandersein May 18, 2008
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A Croc-Like rubber shoe that isn't actually made by the brand "Croc"

(A Knock Off)
"Man,Crocs are bad but Croc Offs are EVEN worse!!!"
by Fat Morgan October 16, 2007
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A type of plastic/rubber shoe, made to look like crocs. People who wear real crocs can actually tell the difference, and think that croc-offs are totally lame.
croc-lover 1: dude, look at that guy's shoes. are those croc-offs really obvious or what?
croc-lover 2: oh man, those tie-dyed pieces of shit don't even look like crocs; they just look dumb.

why would you ever wear croc-offs? if you want to wear rubber shoes, go for the real deal.
by mowgli27 July 12, 2008
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The knock-off version of the popular shoes Crocs. They often have mishapen holes and are decorated with strange, ugly designs, but they are a cheap alternative to the overpriced real Crocs shoes.
Anne: I was going to buy myself a pair of Crocs, but they are soooo expensive.

Lisa: Well, get a pair of Crocoffs! They will be way less costly!
by Dr Lina P June 12, 2009
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