A FPS shooter game for Android and iOS (and iPadOS) mobile devices. It has four different modes, Deathmatch, Defuse, Gungame and Ranked. There are many weapons and skins and even custom reload animations.
Joe: "Hey, wanna play Critical Ops today?"
Guy: "Nah sorry bro, gotta study today"
by jbk() April 3, 2020
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A Skill Based FPS Game Created By Critical Force, It Has 2 Modes. Defuse And Deathmatch.
"Skill Based" YeahRight. A Lot Of Hackers Play This Game
somerandomnoob: Hey lets play critical ops
somerandompro: fk you imma play csgo
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A game with a toxic community who blames good players as Hacker , and fulfilled of under 6yr Singaporean, Indian or Pakistani kids in their discord voice chat channel
A smurf is playing on gold ranked.
n00b : "omg hacker rain go fuck yourself don't play Critical Ops "
smurf : "tf lol look at your kdr bottom frag"
by XxRuitxX June 17, 2018
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