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A meme that originated from 4chan. It's about a fish being inside a bathtub with La vie en rose being played with some reverb effects.

For some it gives a feeling of an unknown emotion, something deeper than just memes, le fishe is more than just that!
Simon: "Hey dude, you know what 'le fishe' is?"
Steve: "It's a religion, join us!"
by jbk() November 1, 2020
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A FPS shooter game for Android and iOS (and iPadOS) mobile devices. It has four different modes, Deathmatch, Defuse, Gungame and Ranked. There are many weapons and skins and even custom reload animations.
Joe: "Hey, wanna play Critical Ops today?"
Guy: "Nah sorry bro, gotta study today"
by jbk() April 3, 2020
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