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A hack function in old Critical Ops mod menu developed by autoskillz.net. Which allows a non shotgun gun shoots out multiple bullets at the same time.
Also thanks to ROOGHZ's video, the community started to become toxic.
Don't want to get it kids, it is patched.
Me watching ROOGHZ's video
Comment in game: "Omg rain"
Me: Closes the browser.
by XxRuitxX June 17, 2018
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A dedicated site to develop high quality game hacks on android. Most famous in Critical Ops.
Also they are the first cheat provider who cracked il2cpp games.
An Autoskillz.net Critical Ops mod menu video on youtube.
n00b: "omg link plz"
ProPlayer: "autoskillz.net 14 usd paid"
by XxRuitxX June 17, 2018
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A game with a toxic community who blames good players as Hacker , and fulfilled of under 6yr Singaporean, Indian or Pakistani kids in their discord voice chat channel
A smurf is playing on gold ranked.
n00b : "omg hacker rain go fuck yourself don't play Critical Ops "
smurf : "tf lol look at your kdr bottom frag"
by XxRuitxX June 17, 2018
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