A university department from which you can get a degree in being offended.
Person 1: Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing?
Person 2: Hm?
P 1: I saw that, and I'm not going to take it quietly, for your information.
P 2: I'm sorry?
P 1: Yeah, I'll make you sorry. You looked at me. As a woman of size, I know that only means one thing - you're fat shaming me!
P 2: Uhhh... No, I...
P 1: Not only that, but I have problems with my hips because of my big, beautiful, healthy size, so you're also being a filthy ableist.
P 2: Huh? What's an ableist?
P 1: Look at you, standing there in all your white male heteronormativity, judging me silently with your eyes. I'll have you know that my great-great-grandmother on my father's side was half Cherokee.

P 2: Uh, that's cool...
P 1: No, that is not "cool". You don't get to tell me that's "cool" and fetishize me as an Indigenous person of color when you are a colonizing occupier on this, my sacred tribal land!!
P 2: Look, I think you are misunderstanding this whole thing...
P 1: "You"? "YOU"??? My pronouns most pointedly do not include the word "you"!! That is a form of gendered violence against me. And don't dare tell me it's not, because I have a Master's degree in Critical Theory and I'm wise to every single microaggression coming off of your hateful, oppressive person. Now get out of here before I call the police!
P 2. Okay, okay fine. Just finish making the latte I ordered and I'll take it to go.
by McMission Definition January 14, 2018
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An unimportant and harmless idea that has been the focal point of a hysteria the likes of which America has only seen in the McCarthy era, propelled to the new big bad bogeyman by the clinically insane (conservatives).
Critical race theory is nothing more than the critical analysis of law in the united states as it intersects with race.

Naturally, said insane people have created intelligent-sounding, but ultimately meaningless, words such as "neo-racism" and other such equivalent nonsense to justify their insanity.
by Donna tramp June 29, 2021
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Critical Thrace Theory will lead us all to our end
by Queen Buttrix June 28, 2021
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Conservative: Now I have noet the closest idea as to what critical race theory is, but I sure as hell HATE ITZ GUTTZZZ!!!!!
by Spicyspectrum July 21, 2021
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Or CRT or Can’t be Responsible for Themselves Is the theory based on being a victim at all times. This theory perpetuates the idea of being lesser and will never bring one to the realization that only they, themselves, can be their own salvation. See Free Will.
Man Critical Race Theory is just another way of keeping us down. FACTS.
by CKing31 November 24, 2021
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A hybrid scholarly/activist approach that seeks to read ‘systemic racism’ into every racial disparity (specifically, those where Black people are at a disadvantage), along with advocacy of policies to redistribute income, wealth, legal rights & privileges, and political power. These are intended to equalize outcomes for Blacks and Whites in relation to those selected disparities.

The main ‘method of inquiry’ employed in CRT is its creative use of language, selective examples, and the redefinition of familiar terms that you thought were well-settled. These serve to catastrophize racial disparities, close down lines of inquiry that may lead to non-racialized explanations, and hence to convey a strong moral compulsion to accept CRT’s redistributive policies.
Only one way to get woke bro - study Critical Race Theory. It’s all the rage in today’s colleges and mainstream media. Even the Army is on it now!
by May 24, 2021
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Critical Race Theory is mostly a Republican dog whistle meant to scare uneducated white parents
by Soul_Driver November 5, 2021
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