A university department from which you can get a degree in being offended.
Person 1: Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing?
Person 2: Hm?
P 1: I saw that, and I'm not going to take it quietly, for your information.
P 2: I'm sorry?
P 1: Yeah, I'll make you sorry. You looked at me. As a woman of size, I know that only means one thing - you're fat shaming me!
P 2: Uhhh... No, I...
P 1: Not only that, but I have problems with my hips because of my big, beautiful, healthy size, so you're also being a filthy ableist.
P 2: Huh? What's an ableist?
P 1: Look at you, standing there in all your white male heteronormativity, judging me silently with your eyes. I'll have you know that my great-great-grandmother on my father's side was half Cherokee.

P 2: Uh, that's cool...
P 1: No, that is not "cool". You don't get to tell me that's "cool" and fetishize me as an Indigenous person of color when you are a colonizing occupier on this, my sacred tribal land!!
P 2: Look, I think you are misunderstanding this whole thing...
P 1: "You"? "YOU"??? My pronouns most pointedly do not include the word "you"!! That is a form of gendered violence against me. And don't dare tell me it's not, because I have a Master's degree in Critical Theory and I'm wise to every single microaggression coming off of your hateful, oppressive person. Now get out of here before I call the police!
P 2. Okay, okay fine. Just finish making the latte I ordered and I'll take it to go.
by McMission Definition January 14, 2018
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Just racism 2.0 but against white people so it's magically ok now.
critical race theory is dumb
by nonetrix June 24, 2021
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The theory that presupposes that personal choice and responsibility has nothing to do with race and the outcome of where any human being winds up. According to the theory, the solution to problems of certain races can be deposited into the laps of people holding power. This means not Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder holding power, only white, Melanin Challenged people, holding power. It means Black - Good; White = Evil.

The theory agrees with the notion that white racism (aka, imagined hatred of black Americans) was the malevolence that caused white people to joyfully elect and then the re-elect America's first black president to rule over them for eight years; stay behind in Washington DC to sabotage the presidency of his successor through a slow, ongoing coup, and then return to the White House for his third term through surrogates. It is in agreement with the notion that it was white racism funding the $22 Trillion WAR ON POVERTY that transferred the wealth of the American taxpayer, the 1% of whites at the top of the pyramid, to help America's African Americans a century after Republicans freed the Democrat's slaves.
We will study critical race theory today.
by Novatweeter December 21, 2020
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Critical Race Theory (CRT) is the latest neoracist concept used to justify the authority of a small cabal of academics who will save the world from end stage capitalism by using race struggle instead of class struggle. History shows whites built systematic racism. Therefore, only whites can dismantle the systematic racism they built by replacing it with systematic white saviorism. The altruistic tendency of the Abrahamic religions and the majority feminine electorate are exploited to justify redistribution of wealth and opportunity based on race rather than (the Marxist) need or (the Capitalist) ability. CRT gives a new urgency to classical Marxist ideas that previous generations of workers dismissed as broken promises.
Other neo racist tools in CRT are:

1) Hierarchy of race and government benefits are ordered by level of historic oppression starting in the year 1600.

2) Denying CRT is proof of systematic racism. CRT states that ability is 100% equal between all races.
3) Equal opportunity is racist until all results are shown to be equal by race. Therefore, equal opportunity must be race based instead of class based. The rank of opportunity is from #1 above.
4) Harvard university created Eugenics and created CRT. That is not a coincidence. It is science.
5) Supporters of CRT are known as anti-racists. All labels of classical racist are canceled by the anti-racist label. However, a person can simultaneously be labeled anti-racist and neoracist at the same time.
Critical race theory gets to the heart of why racism gets votes for the last 400 years and will continue to get votes for the next 400 years.
by whoisyourunicorndaddy June 21, 2021
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A hybrid scholarly/activist approach that seeks to read ‘systemic racism’ into every racial disparity (specifically, those where Black people are at a disadvantage), along with advocacy of policies to redistribute income, wealth, legal rights & privileges, and political power. These are intended to equalize outcomes for Blacks and Whites in relation to those selected disparities.

The main ‘method of inquiry’ employed in CRT is its creative use of language, selective examples, and the redefinition of familiar terms that you thought were well-settled. These serve to catastrophize racial disparities, close down lines of inquiry that may lead to non-racialized explanations, and hence to convey a strong moral compulsion to accept CRT’s redistributive policies.
Only one way to get woke bro - study Critical Race Theory. It’s all the rage in today’s colleges and mainstream media. Even the Army is on it now!
by May 24, 2021
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Critical race theory (CRT) is a legal and sociological framework for analyzing how racial power relations in society work to maintain unequal socioeconomic outcomes for people of different racial groups, often in such a way that benefits the dominant racial group at the expense of marginalized racial groups. Beyond merely analyzing racial power relations, CRT also seeks to actively change the status quo to allow for a more equitable society for people of all racial groups.


CRT has been influenced by fields such as Critical legal studies and Feminist legal theory and began in the 1970s when scholars and activists sought to understand why the social progress from the civil rights era had seemingly stagnated.

Scholars and authors:

Derrick Bell, Kimberlé Crenshaw, Richard Delgado, Cheryl Harris, Jean Stefancic, Alan Freeman, Charles R. Lawrence III, Mari Matsuda, and Patricia J. Williams.

Assertions and terminology:
(1) Systemic racism is the default and perpetual state of affairs in society.

(2) Race is a social construct that arose as a means by which to further expand class stratification.
(3) White people have benefited the most from civil rights legislation.

(4) Color blindness perpetuates racial inequality.

(5) Whiteness as property.
(6) Interest Convergence.
(7) Storytelling/Counter-Storytelling.

Disclaimer: These are just the arguments made by proponents of CRT, not universal absolute truth.
Person 1: "Have you heard that they're trying to implement Critical race theory into the k-12 curriculum? How do you feel about it?"

Person 2: "I have heard of it. But since I am not especially educated on the topic of CRT, I think it's best for me to withhold judgement before making irrational and erroneous claims about a concept that I can't even adequately define.
by Shnook May 24, 2021
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