The late December holiday of good spirits and gift giving. Like "Christmas," but for those who arent religious. The "H" is strategically removed, so there is no "Christ" in Cristmas.
Person 1: Hey! Merry Cristmas!
Person 2: I thought you're atheist and dont celebrate Christmas?
Person 1: I don't. Theres no H in my "Cristmas," so no religious affiliation. Just goodwill and presents.
by Jon Solo October 04, 2018
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the only day where people can flex with their electricity bill.
neighbour1: hey look at my bill its 467

neighbour2: pathetic, mine is 543

neighbour3: amateurs

neighbour 1&2: WHAT!

neighbour3: *shows bill of 3695*

by anonymous_gang December 07, 2020
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