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The famous R&B singer. Known more for her role as Camille in Bring It On All Or Nothing, & Johnson Family Vacation. Good singer, even better actress. Shes no "soul girl equipped with no afro" shes just her "GOD GIVEN NAME." Solange is not her (Beyonce`) and never will be. Their just "two girls going in different directions, traveling towards the same galaxy. Her starlight shines on it's own, shes no sister, shes just her God Given Name."
Solange is a good singer. Shes unique in her own way at things that she does. Shes a wonderful actress.
by VirgoMoney May 24, 2009
A wild child. Funny at times just to make you laugh.

Born to represent their birth month & state. Known not to be fake. Always tells the truth wheather you like the answer or not. A lover of money & lots of it. Love many things. A fighter & a lover. Most laid back, coolest, & most nicest person you will ever meet
The same name as Kritin or Christin, but spelled as Cristin.
Name of a resturant from a few years ago.
by VirgoMoney May 25, 2009
The beautiful talented, versatile style with her solo effort. Most known for being the lead singer in Destiny's Child. Graceful, classy, stylish. Performs her heart out on award shows, to the audience. loves what she does, loves being with her family. Makes the best videos, catchiest songs, has the most headline to. Haters hate on her cause shes changes her style every year; because now shes a "Diva." She is a great actress, best known fro being in "Austin Powers Gold Member, DREAMGIRLS." Helps out her community, people in Africa.
Beyonce` knows no boundarys for how far she can take it.
by VirgoMoney May 27, 2009
1. Solange writes a rap/song dissn the industry for haten on her cause shes not good at what she does.

2. Dissn the Industry for hatin on Solange cause shes no Beyonce. Solange is just as good.

3. Haterzz, Paparazzi & the Industry hate on her cause they say she "lame, can't sing & a bad actress.
Fuck The Industry is a song Solange wrote to let the industry & haterz know, she doesn't care if shes not as good as everyother female singer or anything like her.
by VirgoMoney May 24, 2009