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Any member of the Hoover street gangs that has maintained its affiliation with the Crips street gang.
Hoovers..got their name from the streets in los angeles where they originated and before an alliance with Raymond Washingtons Avenues Crip they were known as Hoover Groovers..during the late 80s Hoovers had spread from L.A. to the east coast of the U.S as far north as MA, and as far south as FL. after 1995 most Hoover Gangs referred to themselves as Hoover Criminals due to disputes with ECC and the Rollin 60's neighborhood crip gangs...there are very few Hoover gangs claiming Crip, The Hoovers predominately wear the color Orange However those claiming crip integrate blue...Hoovers have nothing to do with Larry Hoover from Chicago, however they have been known to ally with local gangs of all backgrounds IE:18st, IGC, and so on....
Q: who you ride 4?

A: 52 Hoover Crip, Ima keep gr52vin till tha world stop m52vin!
by Hoover Tek September 08, 2010

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The act of, or belonging to a Crip gang...also describes the lifestyle involved with being a Crip gang member..Living in the moment because tomorrow's not promised today..
It can also refer to "Bailin" wearing your colors and bandana swangin, like Crippin around the bklocc....
we aint diru dippin we steady C- Crippin
by Hoover Tek September 08, 2010

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"Hoova Crip" is simply the abbreviated name referring to the Hoover Crip and Criminal gangs spead out across the U.S.
Not to be confused with Hoova Duece, which is a Folk Nation gang that came about in Chicago when Larry Hoover, {also not affiliated with the Crips}. Allied southside Blue Dueces with his Gangster Deciples.
Hoova Crip all day
by Hoover Tek September 08, 2010

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Originally the Blue Dueces from Chicago, they allied themselves with Larry Hoovers Black Gangster Disciples and helped form what came to be known as the Folk Nation...
The Hoover Dueces or Hoova Dueces adopted alot of the same practices and gang signs used by the GDs and have been known to wear light blue and gray or blue and black, a combination of their original colors and Gangster Disciple colors...(not to be confused with Hoover Crips, or Criminals)
Q: who' he run with?
A: Hoover Duece....
by Hoover Tek September 08, 2010

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Aka..purple drank, candy drank, lean, purple concussion,purple oil...
refers to a drink made using cough syrup and codiene, that when consumed causes a feeiling of numbness and drowsiness...also has been used to dip blunts IE: candy dipping...
sippin on some sizzurp....leanin on that purple oil
by Hoover Tek September 08, 2010

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