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Marquan is a species of creature gifted with the capabilities to exceed the standards of those within their habit. They are skilled artisans with a knack for the creative endeavors of life. At times they may appear to be childish and goofy, yet they are dark and secretive, alongside being gifted I'm sexual activity. They are practically Demi-gods
The marquan is godly in many manners.
by William Vail vandlandingham November 24, 2018
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A dude with the hugest dick known to man he's black he get hella bitches he's a good kisser and he can please any woman plus he hangs with a gay guy named Kayden
Aye marquan has the best dick girl let me tell you about it
by Chungue the god February 16, 2019
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He is a dumb ass who can't spell for shit. He has the smallest dick in the universe and can't please a woman if he wanted to. He has to jerk off with tweezers because of his small dick. He is also into freaky fetishes
That guy's almost like Marquan
by Passy eater June 02, 2018
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