When you are chillin at your house real hard.
I havent seen Ramsey in six weeks! All he told me was he was gonna reach some next level cribbage. We checked his credit card report. The last thing he bought was a case of heavies, a carton of heaters, 10 movies from the wal-mart discount bin, a weighted blanket and an individually wrapped pickle
by Rambunctious Rambone January 17, 2019
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Ejaculatory fluid

1. To engage in passionate sexual intercourse, often ending in (2).
2. To ejaculate on a sexual partner's face.
I totally cribbaged all over that slut's face last night. She was just dripping with cribbage.
by B_Rich October 21, 2009
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Cribbage (Crib-bitch)The women you been calling bitch at home...Ya home girl, ya old lady, ya gal, ya baby, ya ho! Yes YA HO!
Love 2 b waxing dat ass but my cribbage been ringing my cell like a mother yo!
by Draconious2 November 13, 2007
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verb. To play Cribbage is to smoke mad blunts.
Damn we played some mad cribbage.
Mr. C is a master of cribbage.
by Joseph Campbell December 10, 2007
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I went over to Bekah's house yesterday for some cribbage. The soppage was a bit much.
by DYLANNORRIS January 01, 2017
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A quasi-complicated card game in which points are scored by possessing a pair, a straight, three of a kind, a flush, combination of which the sum is 15, etc. The points are kept track of by marking the appropriate number on a pegboard.
Because a board is used to keep track of the score, Cribbage is often thought of as a board game; however, it is technically a card game.
I like cribbage. this part is just filler
by dude, schwing February 07, 2006
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