A. Could mean one of your bitches

B. Could be anybody else
A. Ya ho go get me my drank

B. Ay ya ho give me some extra cheese on my whopper
by upnorthballa February 29, 2008
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An exclamation, usually made during oral sex in which the giving party expresses his or her displeasure at the cleanliness of a woman's vagina.
Damn, bitch, yo' pussy be stankin! You need to run home and wash ya ass ho!
by jnauck September 10, 2006
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Expletitive shout or cheer. Often used as, but not limited to, a surprise announcement. Can also be used as a greeting.

In your face bitch - hidy fuckin ho!

Abbreviated by: HHYFB
Ben is taking a shit. Nick pops up out of the bathtub and surprises him, "HIDY HO YA FUCKIN BITCH!!!!"

It's 4am and you are still up and getting drunker. It's time to make some phone calls. "Hi Di Ho Ya Fuckin' Bitch!!!!"

You are too drunk to drive home from a party, you decide to sleep in the back of your friends moving van - on your walk to the van you realize how terrible the night of sleep will be - you think about how crappy it is to sleep rolled up in moving pads - you decide to tie shopping carts to cars with fishing line. "HI DE HO YA FUCKIN BITCH!!!!!"
by Jud April 25, 2007
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