Someone in the military who spends 12-15 hours a day fixing the pieces of junk he or she is expected to keep in top shape for the snooty pilots to fly, while getting paid the same as the guy sitting in the office across the flightline who goes home every day at 4, whether or not his work is done. Crew chiefs possess a finely tuned sense of smartassedness, several bags of scrounge and the unwillingness to put up with stupid people. They are what keeps the aircraft in the air and the bars around the base in business.
"We need another crew chief in on this engine change. You've only been here 9 hours, get to work."
by nonner11 February 5, 2010
A species of primate. Distant relative of it's coworker, the specialist, whom are also known as pointy heads, among other names. May attempt to intimidate other crew chiefs by beating his chest, or occasionally fling turds at specialists. Also renowned for their ability to make anything fit, although this may involve hammer marks on said aircraft part.

To "crew chief" a component, means to use maximum physical force to install components on aircraft.
Scully totally crew chiefed that autopilot computer.
by The undead walking September 12, 2016
Military maintainers that are rumored to work 10 to 11 hours in a 8 hour shift, often without any time for food or rest.
Wow, those guys are always working. They must be Crew Chiefs; lets give them medals!
by Random LO Maintainer January 15, 2008
guys at clubs who have really tight chirts on, pointy hair, smell of really bad cologne, usually jewelry, sometimes dancing like dildos, and have nothing interesting to talk about unless its about themselves.
by mcl June 25, 2004
Some Air Force fuckwad that thinks that he is so smart and cool because he gets to put his name on the side of a jet which thinks the only way it is capable of flying his because of his hard work of sitting inside for 2 hours bitching about IMDS and then going out to his jet, taking off a couple of covers,jerking off the pilot,and waiving his hands in the air thinking that the pilot is really moving in the direction that he is telling him too. Once the pilot takes off he throws in a pinch of Skoal Wintergreen and walks down the flightline like he rescued the fucking President of the United States. Then 1.5 hours later he waives his hands in the air again and then sucks off the pilot for one last time of the day and then fuels it, changes a tire and pretends to look at the engine like he really knows what the fuck he is doing. Does this sound a little familiar to you civilians??? It should, it's the same job as the piece of white trash that works at your local gas station and fills up your car with gas, checks your fluids, and rotates your tires.
The asshole Air Force Crew Chief at Spot 3
by Bots4633 August 1, 2011
A bunch of dumbdumbs, with dumbdumb ideologies, dumbdumb meanings, and dumbdumb personalities. If the plane craches, its their fault
by ngjerseth November 4, 2020