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The most northern harbor on the coast of California. Also, one of the most low-lying and smallest county seats in the state, the seat of Del Norte County. It holds the questionable distinctions of suffering more from tsunami than any other city in the 48 contiguous United States and being the locale of Pelican Bay.
Crescent City has a commercial fishing harbor, but not much of a shipping port.
by Downstrike October 22, 2005
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One of the many names for New Orleans, Louisiana. This name comes from the way the Mississippi River shapes the land where New Orleans is located; the river causes the major downtown and uptown areas of New Orleans to form a crescent shape.

This term is also used as a name for the toll bridge over the Mississippi River from New Orleans to the West Bank: "The Crescent City Connection."
Hurricane Katrina really hit the crescent city hard.
by Hannah March Campbell April 05, 2006
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a small town in Putnam county fl where there is no Walmart, McDonald's or News. with about a 3 mile radius this town has the population of 1500 people. DRUGS DRUGS and DRUGS. people run from crescent city and never come back. about a 2 hour drive from Orlando FL.
he was shot five times so yeah, he's dead like crescent city.
by fugly BLACK CHICK June 14, 2015
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