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Big Easy Mafia AKA Big Easy Mafia DOT Com is a premier fan club for the New Orleans Saints. The majority of the members are native to the New Orleans area and actually have black and gold blood running through their veins. You can always recognize members of the Big Easy Mafia by the way they greet one another with their signature phrase "Who Dat" especially during football season.
We are going to hang out with the Big Easy Mafia before the Saints game in front of the Superdome.
by NOLAmayor December 4, 2014
The "Crescent City Cloth" is the official gameday towel for New Orleans Saints fans. It was given that name by the fan club Big Easy Mafia. It is the equivalent to the Steelers "Terrible Towel" only better.
Everyone was twirling the Crescent City Cloth screaming Who Dat after the Saints touchdown.
by NOLAmayor June 5, 2015
A cancer awareness movement in New Orleans Louisiana founded by the Big Easy Mafia organization. CureDatCancer is responsible for raising massive amounts of money for local cancer organizations in and around the New Orleans metro area.
There is a huge childhood cancer awareness fundraiser in Champions Square before the Saints game, we're going to "CureDatCancer" in NOLA.
by NOLAmayor May 14, 2016
A Die-Hard Who Dat is someone that shows extreme, absolute or complete loyalty for the New Orleans Saints even when they are playing like they did back in the 80's. A Die-Hard Who Dat could also be someone who is a member of The Big Easy Mafia fan club, where "Once You're In..... You're In For Life"
The Superdome is filled with Die-Hard Who Dats. They are the only ones who would show up with them playing like this.
by NOLAmayor October 13, 2015