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Used to describe an event (or series of events) that progressively builds up to enormous proportions preceding its conclusion.
That centurion party was an absolute crescendo

The trip to Thailand, in one word, crescendo!

I thought the night couldn’t grow to be any better but then a hotdog vender left all their equipment outside the bar and a sexy hotdog fight broke out with some pretty hot ladies- what a crescendo!
by Nevo June 25, 2008
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The use of capitalization halfway through a word to convey increasing volume or additional emphasis. Most seen on sites such as tumblr and reddit.
examples of crescendo:

what the fUCK

don't tOUCH my food

damn, my phone just died agaiN
by sweet(20)sixteen May 28, 2016
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An action of little proportion which becomes bigger and bigger until it reaches a peak.
I was lovely clapping my friend's balls yesterday. I enjoyed it so i started doing it more energetically. After a couple minutes, i was hammering his ballz with such huge strength... What a crescendo!
by Dicklev January 22, 2013
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