to cheat, cheating varies from messaging other women or men while in a relationship or ingaging in any sort of lovey-dovey or sexual contact with another person.
"yo, nigga's really aint shit"
"wym, girl bye!"
"furreal, i done caught my nigga creepin' wit some telly twat online"
"Girl, stab that nigga"
"bitch i already did!"
by mwah💋 January 30, 2020
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The act of scrolling through pictures, wall-to-walls, videos, and general information on facebook profiles of people whom one would not normally talk to in person.
While creepin' last night I discovered he likes to wear makeup... weird.
by TrailMixx July 8, 2009
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To look at complete strangers' Facebook and/or MySpace profile and read all of their information and look through every single picture.
Yeah, you know that hot guy we were creepin' on the other day? Turns out he works at Wendy's.
by Chorchicho January 12, 2011
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If you are a suspicicous character then you would be considered 'creepin', if you look quite shady and up to something then the word also applies to yourself. BEWARE!! TH WORLD WILL BE TAKED OVER BE CREEPERS!!
''Yii, he's propa creepin'!!''
by Abb!3 - D33 May 17, 2007
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A term used to describe one person viewing another person's profile on facebook, or various other social networking sites, usually in excessive amounts. This term seems to be derived from "Facebook Stalking". It can also be used to describe someone watching or stalking someone else in real life. In this situation, one may be deemed a "creeper".

girl 1- Mike was totally creepin' your profile last night... He was looking through all your photos and everything..

girl 2- Ew! Mike? I don't even know him...


girl 1- Do you know that guy across the street? He keeps staring at us...

girl 2- No I don't know him at all... He's just creepin' on us.
by drunkensnowman April 4, 2010
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When taking a picture, sometimes there will be a random person / people in the background or sides of the picture that look extremely weird or scary at sometimes.
Jim: Hey Sally, look at Mark in the picture, he's totally creepin.

Sally: Oh wow, he looks scary as hell in that picture. He's definitely creepin'.
by Acidro March 10, 2010
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Anyone who is in the direct possession of an STD.
"Dude, she's hott!"
"My dude, she's from Wilson, she's creepin'"
by falcon2_900 April 16, 2008
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