Someone who is extremely annoying. Someone who pesters or bothers. Can't stand being around this person.
That dude named Kenny is really creechie.
by Jon Streeter January 26, 2004
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Someone who is ugly, creepy, ratchet, has poor personal hygiene, cant take a fucking hint and tends to offend you sexually just by walking into the room. Typically male. Typically Crusty. Typically named Kevin.
"Ew, Kevin texted me last night asking me to come over at 2 am, I met him at taco bell two days ago and he leeched my number off of a friend. He's so fucking Creechy."
by CreechDetective April 8, 2014
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Someone who is creepy, weird and just cant take a fucking hint. Tends to offend you mentally by just walking into the room. Typically male, Typically salty, Typically visits the website called
"Yo have you seen Ali A's new intro. So fucking cringy, might as well call him creechy!"
by Ali-A Watches K-Pop October 13, 2018
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