Reliable, simple, and flexible. Welcoming of people from different backgrounds. Understands your unique needs.

Gets things done fast and genuinely cares about your time. Helps you make better decisions. Makes you future-ready.

Secretly hopes you break up with spreadsheets.
Zoho Creator sounds like that person who makes your life better.
by November 24, 2021
Star creator: fucks up
Random tweet: star creator momment
by NotScrimzox September 12, 2020
Kirby’s maker, most likely to have a small pp and will forever be a meme
I would like to meet the creator of kirby
by Fortniteburgergang January 17, 2022
An LA rapper known for his dark, and provocative lyrics in his 2009 debut album Bastard, and 2011 debut studio album Goblin. Now after his 2017 album “Flower Boy” he’s been overrated
Dude #1: Hey man you hear Tyler, the Creator?
Dude #2: Yeah
Dude #1: Ok, wait Flower Boy or Goblin
Dude#2: Flower Boy, just the better album

Dude#1: get the hell out of my car Poser
by Xdgrry May 31, 2022
"Meet your creator"
With the word creator meaning god.
Meet your creator is another way of saying die. Because many people believe that when they die they'll go to heaven, and god presumably resides in heaven wich means you'll meet him.
Jimmy:"no, please! Have mercy!"
Bobby:"meet your creator motherfucker"
Jimmy: *dies*
by BobbyAndJimmyGetAlongQuiteWell September 11, 2018