The practice of pulling a scholarship from a college athlete(s) in order to open up a scholarship for a more highly valued recruit.
With all the Creaning going on at IU, it might turn players off from going there.
by Chief Illiniwek April 29, 2009
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kicking a player off the team.

See also: Spring Creaning: the annual creaning that takes place in spring to make room for more players.
Once again, Crean's season is over before the NCAA tournament begins. Looks like it is time for spring creaning. Better tell his players to start looking for back up plans in case they get spring creaned.
by IU SPAStastic August 04, 2009
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Spending so much time at the tanning salon that your skin appears orange.
After another session of creaning, he looked like a cross between Tom Arnold and an Oompa Loompa.
by illinoisportsfan April 30, 2009
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the process of turning one's coaching staff over at an incredible rate as they leave for lesser or lateral jobs due to their boss.
once again Marquette University lost it's entire assistant coaching staff in an annual creaning of the guard.
by Coach Strohm May 01, 2009
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Verb. Refers to the highly unusual facial expression made by Indiana University basketball coach Tom Crean after disappointing losses where he appears to be staring unresponsively into space for awkwardly long periods of time.
Dude, it looked like you were Creaning. Are you OK?

Crean Tom Crean Hoosier dusty banners Assembly Hall
by Ivan Renko March 04, 2015
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Kicking a player off of a team because you think you have a better one to take his place.
With zero scholarships available, but a 0 star prospect verballing, it was time for the IU basketball program to do some house Creaning by kicking off a kid who was told he would be the next D-Wade only a year earlier.
by Flex Chesterson April 29, 2009
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v. to crean, to slob a knob like corn on the cob, to suck dick like a vacuum, to blow dick to the moon
by tony numbers November 16, 2004
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