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A new sex act - It begins as a creampie which then the recipient of the creampie (vag1) then squats over the recipient of the creamball (vag2) who is on her back, ass in the air, assuming proper cumdumpster position. So named because it resembles a creampie/snowball combo.

Once you start the creamball sit back and enjoy!
man, what did you do this weekend?

check it out, so I thought I was giving my girl a creampie, but then she hopped up and squatted over her roomate Jennifer, and it turned into a creamball, shit was so cash!
by xXxAxcisxXx January 12, 2010
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When a man, after masterbation forgets or is unable to clean the cum off his balls.
Dude i forgot my tisue last night when i was wanking and i got such bad creamballs
by nobjockey June 14, 2008
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