1) When one's penis cause's a girl to become crazy with passionate dick lusting rage.

2) When one's girl becomes crazy after interaction with the d.
Why is your girl all crazy like that?

She's got the crazy dick syndrome.

Damn, your dick makes all the ladies crazy. Should stop sticking it in some many bitches.
by DMaster July 17, 2014
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A complete and total weirdo, a C.A.D., a McKenna, or a Jessica. Crazy ass dicks are very common around town, everone wants to be one, but watch out, there are many wannabe crazy ass dicks!
"Wow did you see that hobo?! He was a fuckin crazy ass dick!"
"Dude, you don't have to be a crazy ass dick about it..."
by Jessica Callery May 20, 2008
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Dick crazy is when a person has sex with someone whom has a really good penis that become so crazy a lustful they either wind up in sex induced rage and become a whore or stalk the person who infected them with "dick crazy"
Jesus alissa, has become so dick crazy after darnell that she fucked the whole basketball team.
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Never stick your dick in crazy ‘cause you might not get it back
If you need a crazy dick definition then it’s too late.
by Spock* September 10, 2019
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