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People who main Titans in Destiny 2.
Guy 1: Yeah, I main Hunter in pvp
Guy 2: Hunters are pussies, Titans are way better
Guy 1: Fucking crayon-eaters, all they do is punch shit lmao
by whataboomer December 14, 2019
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(noun) A "special" person. It means basically the same thing as Window Licker.
Don't do that, you effin' crayon eater!
The sky is not green, you crayon eater!
by E wanting O August 09, 2011
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A derogatory term used to identify US Marines, often used by the other branches who feel inferior to mock their supposed stupidity.
Chair Force Guy: You serve?

Jarhead: Yes.

Chair Force Guy: What unit?

Jarhead: 2nd Tank Battalion, Iron Horse.

Chair Force Guy: Ah a Crayon Eater, that would explain why the little bus dropped you off earlier.
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by MackDaddy69 May 08, 2019
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Nickname for a UK army cadet given to them as most, if not all, are idiots who do not understand that crayons are not food. Yes Jimmy this im talking about you, and i know it was just once but you still did it.
Look at that crayon eater over there. What a wierdo
by Fjfjfjfhfjfhfjfhfh June 12, 2018
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