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Like a bachelor's pad (a place where a man lives his bachelor lifestyle and only other bachelor's inhabit), the crash pad is a place that a person uses only to sleep. They are usually either busy or simply detest their domicile to such a degree that they will only deign to return when they simply must sleep.
Jason isn't home much. He pretty much uses the place as a crash pad.
by JustMe23 February 04, 2010
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A crash pad is the back of a hippie or a stoners van where they hit bongs with friends and they have a good time, this may be a VW ore a transit with a mattress in the back and a lava lamp.
stoner: lets go get stoned off our face in your crash pad

hippie: ye man

stoner: wow I'm floating

hippie: wow this is far out lets pop some pills
by farouthippiestoner August 23, 2009
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