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(adj) The descriptive word of crap.
"This food is craptastical"
"man, that's craptastical!"
"That is a craptastical definintion of craptastical!"
by Twalger March 25, 2005
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Chapstick's very own ghetto version of crapy.
What a Craptastical place, Craptastical Dave and his butt buddy Buster!!
by Bubba Jones March 04, 2003
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That website is so craptastical there should be some kind of an online penalty
Look at that craptastical website, it's hurting my eyes!
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adj. Excessively unpleasant, extraordinarily disgusting, extravagantly horrible or unbelievably awful.
Oh great! This is just toilet is flooding and I have a hot date who is about to show up any minute.
by SKyway Sherpa February 03, 2012
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