Slang term for Canadian hardware store chain Canadian Tire. One reason "Crappy" is the adjective used because it is not uncommon to purchase something from CT that has already been opened with parts missing.
Mike: Can I get a ride to Crappy Tire? I'm getting my car serviced.
Steve: You took your car to Crappy Tire!?
by Jizzones February 22, 2006
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Don't take your car to this place. They will upsell repairs and services that you don't need - at inflated prices - using low grade parts that will wear out faster than you can say "rip off". Hires young, incompetent or dishonest grease monkeys who wreck your car inside out.
Crappy Tire told my old lady that she would have to pay $3,000 for repairs - and she only brought her car in for a stinking oil change. Scammers!
by The Real Canadian August 14, 2015
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Crappy Tire is know as a slang word to indentify the Canadian retail distributor "Canadian Tire" They call it Crappy tire because of the low quality of their in-house brand "mastercraft" being that most of the product is made in China not to mention that the Mastercraft line is overpriced versus a retailer such as Walmart.

It also refers to the "crappy" service because there's never enough people in the stores working cashier or customer service.
Q: "so where are you going to buy that replacement part for your used car"

A: "I mind as well but it at Crappy Tire, i just need it to last the winter - hopefully it can last that long"

"What's taking so long! I feel like I'm at a Crappy Tire on a weekend"
by doesn't matter beeyatch January 27, 2010
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The house brand products from Canadian Tire
Also see Crappy Tire
I have a headlight out, but I can’t afford a high quality one, so I’ll just replace it with a crappy tire special one.
by ConfederateChev November 23, 2018
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