A type of coffee. It consists of one part lukewarm instant coffee, watered down liberally with four to ten parts lukewarm water. This kind of coffee is most frequently found being served in office lunch rooms.
If you ingest more than a pint of crappa, it is suggested that you immediately contact the nearest hospital or poison control center. Immediate effects include vomiting, laziness, disorientation and resentment (more so than usual) towards one's boss and co-workers; long term effects include acceptance of the fact that with your current salary, you'll never be able to afford anything better than crappa; and in this economy, you're not getting a better job, either.
Crappa is not coffee. No, it is something much worse than hell. Something Satan himself wouldn't shit on.
by Patiodude May 21, 2012
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A rapper who really really sucks balls. A crap rapper.
*Radio playing* Oh my God, Homie Dogg is such a crappa. His songs suck!
by DiAAh01 July 11, 2008
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A word used to emphasize a feeling of resentment, depression and unease.
We have two hours of calesthenics in gym class today. Crappa.
by Nomad Kings January 25, 2008
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This was the "anti-Frat" fraternity in the early 70's, membership consisted of owning a poster of Frank Zappa sitting on a commode smoking a joint
"Our fraternity - Phi Zappa Crappa - required no dues, had no house, enforced no rules, and was a loose knit group. We were united in the anti-Fraternity movement."
by T~Bear October 1, 2008
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Some d-bag wannabe rapper that makes shitty raps while dropping some snickers in the punch bowl. Has enough raps to drop a mix tape, but instead he just drops pipes.
Tyrant: Bro I been listening to this buhl Rappa on the Crappa. His rhymes are pretty shitty but his pipes are 🔥. Have you heard of him?

Big Easy: Yo welcome back to Rappa on the Crappa... CHECK IT. Boom chicka beem pa beem pa boom boom, splooooooosh.

Tyrant: You are my hero.
by Stoney69 November 7, 2020
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