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Growing bedroom community just outside Music City, USA in Tennessee. Situated between J. Percy Priest Lake and Old Hickory Lake in West Wilson County, it features hills, trees, rednecks, and farm animals. (Perhaps not the best match up imaginable!)
Also known as the home of Charlie Daniels, southern rock & country music icon.
We moved to Mount Juliet to escape the streetlights, then found out the neighbors ran a kennel and a chicken farm!
by T~Bear October 1, 2008
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This was the "anti-Frat" fraternity in the early 70's, membership consisted of owning a poster of Frank Zappa sitting on a commode smoking a joint
"Our fraternity - Phi Zappa Crappa - required no dues, had no house, enforced no rules, and was a loose knit group. We were united in the anti-Fraternity movement."
by T~Bear October 1, 2008
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