The practice of breaking wind while walking past somebody else.
Rudy crapdusted the whole section; he's one crapdusting bastard!
by Vlad the Impaler September 21, 2006
A word defining a person who consistently spreads bullshit amongst all the people they know. No relation to "crapdusting". Perpetual shit spreaders are described by this word.
Janine said to Jack, "I'm pretty sure your girlfriend is cheating on you."
Later, Jack's friend Tony says to Jack, "Janine's a total crapduster, she's perpetually spreading shit about people."

Janine's been talking shit about me again
She's a crapduster
by unbeatablejatt August 24, 2010
The practice of engaging in flatulence while in a crowd or line of people and then immediately moving through the crowd or line in such a manner as to spread the trail of fecal particles for optimum inhalation by all.
"Eleven people upchucked in the hallway after Bill crapdusted the entrance to the comedy show. A magnificent, high-hobopower crapdusting that will be remembered for years."
by NJC November 30, 2009
When you attempt to cropdust but a little bit extra comes out
Hey let’s go cropdusting!

Don’t you mean crapdusting?

by Lasanye August 26, 2021
the art of passing gas in a silent manner while walking to and from locations
Dude you were totally crapdusting all the way from the café to the library. I feel bad for the guy behind you.

Crap, im dusting the hell out of this computer lab.
by HOTDOGCORNDOGHORNDOG September 24, 2014