very red nipples on particularly-white breasts
she could say "no" until I sucked her cranberries, then it was "yes, Yes ! YES !!!!"
by Jake March 16, 2004
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After a real heavy night of drinkin, you take a shit or fart that produces a violent aroma that just lingers.
taken from the cranberry's song - linger.
chris - "i just rolled out a cranberry in his family toilet"

thom - "mate, his mums got enough to deal with"
by alex spookytooth October 20, 2007
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An innocent lil bean who knows nothing of the insanity of this world
Aww, look at Ty, such a lil cranberry!
by not_a_cranberry April 16, 2019
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People Who drink all day and dont work. They sit around eating chillies and drinking cheap beer. Also known as mexicans
Human: What You doing you filthy cranberry?
Mexican: Nothing maaaan, hey essay.
by Smiley :) July 27, 2008
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noun. an average white person, a "drone" or "sheep", arogant and supersticious about minorities hence a hermit (see also honkey) and make regious eundo, while describing how their race handles things; a babbler and extremely observant.
white people are red like a cranberry.some cranberries were staring at me earlier.
by daddyYANKEEtheredsockplayer April 10, 2008
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