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To be tackled by a crack head. Often involves robbery or other unpleasant consequences.
"Dude, I just got crackled while walking through the park! I think me wallet is gone and I have a wet spot on the back of my pants!"
by xhobocorex March 19, 2007
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The day after ingesting some type of psychedelic drug such as cannabis, LSD, or any other long lasting compound, such that the day after you feel the remaining effects but are technically not still β€œhigh”.

The term crackled refers to that fire that once was burning(your high), but is now only still going by embers.

All of the woodsman know, that all you need is a little more tinder and that crackled fire will start right back up.(referring to ingesting more of the psychedelic compound.)
Fuckin’ crackled man. That shit was so strong last night, I was crackled until the early afternoon.
by mistereuphenism May 19, 2018
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