When a group of men form a circle jerk, and finish off on crackers. The last guy to finish has to eat the crackers.
Man that party sounds worse than a sausage fest... It's gonna be a cracker party!.
by Hughe Jass August 20, 2018
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The Republican Party, which is full of cracker-ass crackers.
"The Cracker Party must have lost their God damned minds putting Palin up for a VP spot."
by EbolaNYC November 24, 2008
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similar to a party crasher, this kind of foul play can ruin the mood just as much as any party foul. A party cracker ia an out of control white boy. We all know them. Don't let them get out of control, because when they do what's your is theirs and what's their is theirs. Totally oblivious, they will consume all you have, while keeping their collection out of harms way.
(Ex: I'm tired of hanging out with party crackers like Joey. He came to the party last night. Joey had a 12 pack in his car but thought it'd be better to leave it, as he knew Sal had plenty of brew he could easily mooch)
by M4rquist4 January 24, 2011
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Russian party cracker's, or RPC, is a game usually played at celibratory events.
To play Russian party cracker's, you need to get 2 standard issue confetti style poppers.
Tie the 2 trigger strings together, then challenge your friend or colleague to a game of Russian party cracker's.

Each contestant is to take the barrel of their popper and aim it at their face. Then on the count of three you pull your barrel or end, as you would with a traditional christmas cracker, and the victor is declared to be the one who's face is not covered in confetti.

Other variants include Spicy Russian party cracker's, in order to play this variant you need to load the barrel containg the confetti with hot sauce.
Ahhhhh daaaaammmnnn, I got done in the eye again whilst playing Russian party cracker's.
by JAMBALLZ September 21, 2011
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When more than one white male wearing cut off sleeves t shirt and a hat backwards with a beer in their hand
Do you see that white cracker party over there at Ruston Tires? No what are you talking about? The guy with cut off sleeves and hat backwards with a beer in his hand. Oh my.
by whitemamatotator July 08, 2017
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