Coined by hip hoppers and urbanites alike, this term is often referred to as a snoopism though its origins are unknown. It's an upbeat way of asking someone how they are doing, and may cause one to crack a smile in response.
Yo, what's crackalackin'!?

How's it crackalating'?
by 3m3rson April 1, 2004
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you have to use it with 'what's'or 'how's it' means "hey what's goin' on?"
MAN 1: Hey buddy-P, what's crackalackin'?

MAN 2: Nota mucho, homeslice.
by D to da O to da DOUBLE N A December 1, 2003
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A term used in such situations when something is considered "awesome" or "cool" (for lack of a better word).
That Yo-Yo Ma concert was crackalackin', word up!
by Carolynizzle May 8, 2005
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In simple terms... The absence of white folk.
"Hey Jamarcus this place is crackalackin'!"

"Jamal I fully agree. Not a whitey in sight"
by Carloso February 11, 2010
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Used primarily by Snoop Dogg in a series of his songs. It refers to the task of cracking a cigar in order to fill it with marijuana to be smoked.
"...'Cause I'm rollin', Deep holein', Click clacking, Crackalackin' , Full packing...." - Snoop
by brandonchar January 6, 2012
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