To grind weed, and/or open the grinder so that the grinded kush falls into the joint, similar to an egg being cracked over a bowl to make an omelette.
Guy 1: "I'm rolling a joint, crack the egg mate".

Guy 2: "The grinder is stuck, the egg won't crack"
by Corklad9 August 11, 2018
The action of slapping someones head that is shaped like an egg
Alvin: wassup

Jack: Dont make me crack an egg
Alvin: Thats rude...
by krak1 November 18, 2022
"Man, all of the sudden, my man wanted to get all cozy and I was just interested in cracking a egg with him."

"Keep going! I'm getting ready to crack an egg!"
by Mikey DaLux January 14, 2009
Specific point at which something goes wrong, just as in the phrase, "jump the shark."

(Derived from Lady Gaga's Rotten Egg of a Grammy Appearance.)
The night was great, but cracked the egg when Jill decided to throw up all over those children.
by Creeparella February 16, 2011
To menstruate.
"Hey Frannie, want to go roller-blading?"
"Hell no, I'm Cracking an Egg"
by PopeMichael February 9, 2010
A game to play on a trampoline how to play: one person becomes the egg and curls up in the middle of the trampoline the the person/people try to make that person let go of there knees/not curl up by jumping when they do the egg has been cracked and someone else becomes the egg
Person 1:i played crack the egg yesterday
Person 2: what's that?
Person 1*:looks it up on UB*
Person 2:that sounds fun and dangerous!
by I don't even know why March 3, 2020
Just before orgasm, a man slaps his dick on his partner, then cums on that spot. the partner should get the feel that he cracked an egg on them.
Last night, i was Cracking an Egg on his/her face.
by I am... Steel Man? March 28, 2011