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Amazing girl who knows who she is and her goals in life. Smart, funny, amazing, cute, self-confident and did I say she's damn good at kissing?
Frannie's the type of girl you want to be friends with, to be in relationship with, and who you know you can always count on no matter what. Travels the world, and keeps your secrets, her hair is shiny and eyes as bright as 11 stars.
Frannie's no girl to mess with, she burns with a fiery passion

WARNING: causes boys to instantly fall in love with her if you text her
Guy 1: Who u txtin'?
Guy 2: Frannie, why?
Guy 2: What?
Guy 1: You will fall instantly in luv wit her
Guy 2: So? that's a good thing
Guy 1: Oh, tell her I say hi
by tappingthat August 07, 2011
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A suitable nickname for anyone, boy or girl as long as it is said with a Long Island accent
Wheres ya car Frannie
by H bomb July 20, 2004
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beautiful woman from south africa
prone to saying wrong words for stuff
like a wind cheater
doesn't know who she likes more
Dale or Wayne

a pack that you wear over your fannie
" Why come frannie can't make up her mind?"
She's just being frannie......."

Nice Frannie Pack.
by Duro7 January 17, 2004
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A frannie supports the club Milton Keynes Dons (see: Milton Keynes Dongs). He is completely deluded and thinks MK Dons will win the championship next month and the champions league next week.
Did you hear him say MK Dons is the greatest team in history? He's a real trademark frannie. See also: frannies
by AFCW January 05, 2005
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youngest kenworthy. soon to be the hot upperclassman of chatham hall. known for being disruptive, many of her non-phd teachers at the hall dislike her particularly her histor teacher. stands in the shadow of her brother, will, and hates not being ableto get what she wants because the role he plays at his boys school. has the typical north carolina southern accent that is amplified when she whines, which she does a lot.smokes too much, and none ofthe freshman like her because she is an ass to them
"hey who was that loud girl wearing that orange shirt from chatham at the EHS game?"
"oh- that was frannie. apparently its cool to get drunk at a football game so she made an ass out of herself."
"didn't she hook up with that alex pankoff guy?"
"yeah but she was obnoxious so he ditched her."
by icantstandu November 14, 2006
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Someone who can be abusive and is horrid. Thinks she's wanted but been told to leave many times. Doesn't understand the harm she does to people and just hurts them more. Sometimes alright but never the nicest. Uses people and turns on them quick. Can't trust her she's a snake in the grass.
Guy1:I told Frannie a secret and she told the person who it was about. Now the person hates.

Guy2:How bitchy can you get
by Shogfhd June 13, 2016
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