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A crack whore's vagina, mouth, ass hole, or any other oriface big enough to fit a cock.
Trevon was bragging to all of his homies about how amazing Shanqueesha's crack hole was, until he found out the bitch gave him herpes.
by TayDizzle January 07, 2009
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Any neighborhood, community, street, block or complex of housing that has a large number of crackhouses, crackheads, meth heads or drug dealers combined with a high crime rate.
K. looked at the dismal gray sky through the shattered window in his kitchen where someone had tried to break in, remembering the five year old who knocked on his door mistakenly looking for drugs, and muttered "this place is a crackhole".
by George Forward December 16, 2005
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A derogatory term derived from asshole and crackhead. It actually is another word for your nose, the hole that crack goes through.
Kat is such a crackhole.
by mourninggloryz January 17, 2005
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The small hole in the plastic lid of disposable coffee cups that you burn your self through by taking that first sip of your morning peppermint-mocha crack.
I stopped by starfucks and couldn't tell how hot it was through the crack hole and burnt the shit out of my cunninglingus machine !
by grindingbassline December 03, 2004
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