To open a nice cold beer.
Hey barkeep Crack a Fat for me.
by Utemadjason March 7, 2020
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if one is said to be cracking a fat, they are gaining an erection
by Don Gulliver April 7, 2003
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Commonly used Australian term, to obtain an erection. Can often be used as an insult in a comical sense.
by joe22 November 11, 2004
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To gain an erection,male penis becomes long and hard.
on looking at your girlfriend i have cracked a fat
by manwithwalkingstick March 25, 2005
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I seen her panties as she bent over and I cracked a fat right there and then.
by bl4cK September 3, 2008
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dont crack a fat over her cuz she will look like her mother in 10 years
by beccabee charmer May 9, 2008
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