Amazing trio of ant nap experts . Often mistaken for used stuffed animals sells people.
Person: hurry crabed is coming hide in

the bushes.
by Crabed November 17, 2019
1. An affectionate swear word, often used in place of the slang word "crap"--although it has NO correlation to excrement.

2. Any crab, especially one with one big claw and one little claw.

3. An affectionate, silly insult for a person.

4. "Crabey" can occasionally be used as a sort of combination sentiment of "crazy" and "crappy"--but in an amused, affectionate sort of way.
Crabe!...I just spilled crabe all over my jacket!

What the crabe??

Shall we have crabes for dinner when we visit Maryland?

Manda, you're such a crabe, haha.

Dude, that party was pretty fun, but man, towards the end it was sorta getting...crabey.
by Laelithe September 24, 2004
Apparently a human who wrote a definition about you
WOAH tahts crabeman
by Skemforst November 8, 2021
craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabes h-town 4 life
man that crabes is crazy
by j diddy September 24, 2004
The act of seining the surf with a small weive net and coming up with crabs about one quarter of an inch across the length of the shell.
We were in the surf netting sea creatures and all we were catching was these tiny fairly recently hatched crabs - micro-crabs. We were micro-crabing.
by WuShen August 5, 2012
CrabE is honestly an amazing person. Seriously, if you get to meet crabE, you're in luck.
Everyone loves crabE.
Except for Snofrost
by Snowfrosty September 20, 2022