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A courtnie will do almost anything for a friend. She is amazing and beautiful and has the highest goals. She loves to laugh and has the most amazing smile. Shes artistic and has the voice of an angel.but when it comes to making people laugh shes got a 100 out of 10 ability. She is super nice and friendly so never be nervous when approaching a courtnie but if you mess or hurt any of her friends you better be ready to feel her wrath. She gives awesome advice about everything you can ask but is most likely not the best with comebacks. She tries her best to keep everyone happy and can keep secretes under lock forever. She is trustworthy and kind and will never try to purposely hurt you. She is hyper and often called cute or adorable but has very good luck with boys. Her mind often shuts down when talking to the opposite sex and she falls in love very easily. She is very quiet but once you get to know her she is a fire cracker of life. Once she sets her mind to something it is done. She is unique and loved by all. She has many opinions and is always thinking. She is a once in a lifetime girl who can never be labeled. Never think bad of a Courtnie because she will most likely be the one to change your life FOREVER!! Also can be really fake if a dirty fishy hoe who tries her.
Courtnie is very Beautiful and Strict and can get any man she wants.
by #STEALYOURMANZZ July 30, 2018
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A girl who makes my world turn, with Gorgeous blue eyes, and a amazing smile. A girl whos going to be a famous actress someday. The perfect girl in every way..... she also has a really cute little monster voice, and sometimes she goes into a southern accent which makes me giggle. dont kiss her neck though, she might jump on top of you
hey i heard your dating Courtnie ?
Yeah i lover her to death!
by hightension01 April 29, 2011
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an incredibly awesome sexy girl who can kick your ass. A girl who is never afraid, not very girly like. also, a girl with a mohawk
Oi! look, theres a Courtnie!
by peachxp August 15, 2008
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a slutty ugly hoe boyfriend stealer (epecially guy's with the name hayden) who thinks spelling her name with an ie is cool. courtnis is a fucking hoe bag and nobody likes her brcause of her boyfriend stealing! BITCH!
i have a new girlfriend named courtnie and i got in her pants and now i'ma dump her ass for my ex girlfriend paige who is the shit!! -Hayden
by courtnie's wort nightmare December 28, 2009
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Courtnie’s are usually nice on the inside, but on the outside they tend to show their true colors. Your first incounter with a Courtnie can make quite the impression on you. Most Courtnies often sleep around with nuermous guys while trying to get their life together.
Man, that girl Courtnie is a good kisser, but her vagina smelled like fish.
by burnbook98 November 27, 2017
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