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A spectacular failure, often occurring after a period of hope or optimism. Usually accompanied by obese “women,” high school dropouts, or Ryan Leaf.

Washington State University (Wazzu) was known for unprecedented failure in men’s football and basketball in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. The school and its mascot, the Cougar, became forever associated with collapse, ineptness, and disappointment.

Go Huskies!
Did you see Wazzu play the Ducks last night? They really Coug'd it at the end.
by Tony Bennett and Mike Price March 11, 2010
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A term describing the play and skills of the Washington State University football team. a derrogatoty term for shoddy, horrible no talent plays that kill any chance of victory. Known throughout the Pacific Northwest, this term is universal in it's usage and applied in many situations.
It can be used in many non football situations "hey, did you score with that chick last night?" "no, I drank too much and Coug'd it"
by UWDawgs4Life November 27, 2011
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When a guy gets picked up by a cougar
Guy # 1 "So some 40 year old chick was trying to buy me a drink last night"
Guy # 2 "Sounds like you've been coug'd!"
by Harp Dawggy Dawgg November 10, 2009
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When the Fuskies get there as kicked,

Especially by a team with a much smaller budget and a smaller population around the school, as well as much less students from out-of-state.

Also can be used against Oregon Schmucks


The 20th century was the first century WSU entered collegiate football, not in the 19th century, and in 1916 in there early sports years, won the Rose bowl against brown. In the 2000's Huskies began taking in out of state students, and foreigners instead of native Washingtonians. Washington State Cougars still retained three consecutive 10 win seasons 2001 through 2003.
Huck the FUSKIES

Man those Ducks guys got Coug'd bad.

He Coug'd those Fuskies back to the dog pound.
by WestSeattleSteelWAZZU4EvER March 05, 2012
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