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The name of someone who loves food, anime, and writing. Often compared to the wild Uganda Knuckles, Coyotes, or a variety of fat or sluggish animals.
"Hey Cotye, don't sit on the couch! You'll probably break it!"
by Cotye March 13, 2018
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The name of someone who appears to be short, shy in crowds but really open in a group of close friends, and loves a variety of fandoms. Such as; Voltron, One Piece, Naruto, Sherlock, The Walking Dead, Miraculous Ladybug esc. They have a bit of a temper issue, but can control it well unless under pressure or stress. They are also the pure definition of Otaku and borderline Weeb. They are relatively neutral with everyone from an outside view and tends to steer themselves away from drama. They enjoy meditating, eating, acting, writing, and drawing. They can be protective of their friends, and will beat you with a stick if you mess with them. Another detail to remember before you stop reading this, as innocent as they may seem on the outside they have a secret shine in their closet that they worship Satan in, write plenty of stories about the death of their friends, and have dreams of stabbing people they particularly dislike. Absolutely silent but deadly.
"Are you sure that Cotye is just rehearsing a part in a play? Because I swear just yesterday I saw her hailing to Satan."
by Cotye September 25, 2018
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